Thursday, March 23, 2006

International Leadership Program (ILP)

March 22, 2006 - International Youth Centre, Cheras - Brother Jufitri Joha; GPTD Chairman and Brother Shakir Fahmi; GPTD Exco participated in International Leadership Program (ILP) organized by International Youth Centre (IYC), in collaboration with Ministry of Youth and Sport Malaysia (KBS) and Malaysia Youth Council (MBM).

The participants had been exposed to the style of youth work at the national and international level. Furthermore, the international youth networking and program on NGO side had been introduced such World Assembly of Youth (WAY), Asia Youth Council (AYC), The Committee of Asean Youth Cooperation (CAYC), World Assembly of Youth (WAMY). Meanwhile on government side, such as United Nation Youth Unit, Commonwealth Youth Program (CYP), Islamic Conference Youth Program (ICYP).

There are so many chances for youth like us to be exposed at the international level through MBM, KBS (International Youth Exchange Program - Egypt,China,Cuba,Japan, Korea,Brunei,Indonesia and Thailand), Other Ministry Youth Exchange Program such as Ministry of Higher Education and last but not least by our own initiative such as what we have done in GPTD and Asia-Europe Foundation (

Those who are already join ILP will be given chance to represent Malaysia to any international youth conference even to United Nation, New York fully sponsored by IYC. Therefore GPTD is planning to expose all GPTD members who are really committed and diligent to participate in ILP and other international youth programs.