Thursday, March 30, 2006

GPTD Europe Project in Turkey

March 24, 2006 - London, UK - "....On the GPTD project in Turkey, I have submitted the work plan but there seems to probably be amendments. En. Nazir suggests certain slots where there will be opportunities to promote Malaysia at a greater level and invite foreigners to come and visit or even study in Malaysia. He akin the projects to be like a group of youth ambassadors. Maybe there should be improvements on this section? He said the sponsors would be more interested to see the wide participation of Malaysian students and also the benefit to Malaysia in general.

This report excerpted from Report on the Meetings between MISG ABIM UK with En. Nazir, the Education Attache at Malaysia Student Department (MSD) prepared by Qurratul Ain Zainul; Vice-President MISG ABIM UK and GPTD Europe Representative.

Picture above: Brother Akmal, President MISG ABIM UK and En. Nazir.