Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Wedding of The Year

Seremban, Negeri Sembilan - Congratulation to Mr. Mohd Kamarul Arifin Mohd Wafa, the leader of GPTD Christmas Island and Cocos Island, Australia for his wedding with Mrs. Nurul Azreen Hamzah recently. Mr. Kamarul will lead the next GPTD trip to Fiji next year. May Allah bless them and grants a lot of ni'mat till the end of life.

New GPTD Website

All beloved GPTD members and guests can also access GPTD info from our new web site at www.abim.org.my/gptd

"Percutian Muhibbah Ilmu"

August 27-28, 2005 - Baling, Kedah - GPTD wishes to extand networking and maintain good relationship with the Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement (ABIM) new recruitments.ABIM with the cooperation of National Union of Malaysian Muslim Student (PKPIM) and Global Peace Mission (GPM) organized "Percutian Muhibbah Ilmu" in Bukit Hijau, Baling, Kedah Darul Aman for these new recruitments who are going to continue their study in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Perhaps they will become GPTD correspondent when they are in UK, Australia and New Zealand. In that program, GPTD coordinator had delivered Kuliah Subuh entitled "The role as Islamic Preacher". GPTD intends to visit and do some activities with them in UK during GPTD Spain Exploration on this coming November InsyaAllah.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Monggol and China

Grup Titian Sutera or GPTD's mission group to China had a meeting last 2 weeks which came to a decision to explore another place instead of China only. The idea was sparked by one senior humanitarian of Global Peace Mission who offered to lend his hand in connecting some Monggolians with us. The Monggolians could help us in finding strategic path to a strategic place for our exploration and research.

One would point out a question of what is the relationship between those states? There was a relationship between them in the history of Genghis Khan and those Chinese at that time. It is worthwhile to study The Empire of Monggol because they had won many battles in conquering areas which historically shown that they were very tough and loyal to their tribe.

What makes them be like that? How could they won many battles even its of a lesser quantity? Did they succeed in invading China? Did they have an influence in Chinese Civilisation? All these should be answered by Grup Titian Sutera. Let us give them time and opportunity to explore more before explaining them to us.

"Islam in Ambon"

August 24, 2005 - GPTD Secretariat, Kuala Lumpur - GPTD organized small discussion with Ustaz Basri Ely from Pondok Pesantren Nurul-Tsaqalain Ambon, Indonesia entitled "Islam in Ambon". He shared with GPTD about the condition and latest situation Islam and Muslim in Ambon after the civil war happened in 2000.Nowadays the situation in Ambon is calm and prosper, no more war and fear and the soil become more fertile than before the war.Ustaz Basri invited Global Peace Mission (GPM) and World Civilization Research Group (GPTD) to visit Ambon and do some charity and social works there!He also appeals to Malaysia people to help his Pesantren (school) by providing financial assistant and well trained teachers.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hobart, Tasmania-Muslim people at Hobart Mosque, Tasmania after Friday prayer. The picture comprises with 15 men from 13 different countries. Usually, Muslim at Hobart will meet each other at the mosque on Friday since most of them are working during the rest of the week. After the Friday prayer, they will meet and have a chat. They also have a special gathering once in a month for potluck night. For that special night, every family will come and bring some food for the community to share after the Tasmanian Muslim Association (TMA) meeting.-Noryzal Zainal Abidin (GPTD Activist in Tasmania)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

ABIM President Special Award

August 21,2005- Crown Princess Hotel, Kuala Lumpur- Bro. Noryzal Zainal Abidin, GPTD activist in Tasmania,Australia had been bestowed ABIM President Special Award as the "Young Volunteer Figure". Bro. Noryzal had served the communities in Christmas Island and Tasmania for almost two years.New elected ABIM President, Bro. Yusri Mohamad had gave the award to Bro. Noryzal in Dinner Ceremony:" Malam Mengimbas Ingatan Mengerat Ikatan" in conjunction of ABIM Annual General Meeting.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Noryzal Roadshow Talk in Multimedia University

August 16,2005- Multimedia University, Malacca- A briefing on GPTD-GPM and sharing moment on young volunteer diary with Bro.Noryzal were sucessfully conducted in front of Multimedia University students.For the first session, a briefing on GPTD-GPM was delivered by GPTD Coordinator, Bro.Jufitri Joha. Meanwhile for the second session was delivered by Bro. Noryzal Zainal Abidin. He shared some of his experience while serving the community in Christmas Island and Tasmania.

Bro.Noryzal had travelled several institutions in Malaysia such as UITM Dungun, Maahad Johor,UIA Matriks and UIA Main Campus conducting roadshow talk on his international social service experience.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dr.Said Ramadhan Al-Bouti Visits Malaysia

August 15,2005- Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur- "Islam must be properly organized (tanzim)", said Dr.Said Ramadhan Al-Bouti,a great scholar and Ulama from Syria. He is the author of the famous kitab "Fiqh Sirah" that is widely used as a main reference in university.He further said that, in spite of he did not join any "Jamaah" (Islamic Movement) in Syria but he did not forbid anyone to join Jamaah as long as that particular Jamaah do not practise "assobiyyah" and moves in the basis of ta'awun (cooperation) with other Jamaah.Also present to hear some advice and ideas from wise Sheikh like him were Bro. Jufitri Joha (GPTD Coordinator) and Bro. Hilmi Ramli (Head of GPTD Morocco-France).

Dr.Said Ramadhan Al-Bouti web site: www.bouti.com

Do Not be as "Ahli Tenggek"

August 15,2005-Janda Baik,Bentong,.." Do not be as "Ahli Tenggek",because "Ahli Tenggek" just only want to join GPTD without any full commitment to fulfill and perform their duties given by their project leader. They wish that they can easily go oversea without urdergone proper training and tasks to be fulfilled...", said Puan Ainon to Bro.Jufitri Joha and Noryzal Zainal Abidin during their courtesy visit to Madam Puan Ainon's peaceful cottage in Janda Baik, Bentong.

She further add that,"..this kind of members despite making problems to the groups, but they are also useful by giving simple and direct task to be performed. Don't give complicated and difficult tasks!".

Madam Ainon is one of the GPTD Advisors beside Mr. Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman (ABIM President) Dr. Md.Sidin Ishak (Faculty of Media,Malaya University), Bro. Mohd Raimi Ab. Rahim (PKPIM President) and Ustaz Jaafar Muhammad (Motivation Consultant).

Madam Ainon can be reached at www.ainonmohd.blogspot.com.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Malaysian Youth Council Youth Medal

August 12,2005-Mahsuri International Convention Centre, Langkawi-Congratulation to GPTD Advisor, Mr. Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman had been honourned to receive Youth Medal;Pingat Bakti Belia Malaysia (P.B.B.M.) from Malaysia Youth Council (MBM).The ceremony was conducted in conjunction of MBM Annual General Meeting.Also representing ABIM to MBM AGM were GPTD Coordinator and Secretary, Bro Jufitri Joha and Bro.Akhmal Mohd Noor, Bro.Nadmin Ramlan (GPTD Morocco-France) and Sis.Najiyyah Asri.

Among the VIP who were also received the medals,Dato' Seri Mohd Ali Rustam (Malacca Chief Minister), Dato' Seri Syed Hamid Albar (Foreign Minister) and Dato Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali (Perak Menteri Besar).The medals were given by the Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Meeting with Malaysian Madinah University Students

August 7, 2005-Anjung Rahmat-GPTD Mecca had organized a meeting with Malaysian Students from Madinah University and Perpustakaan Pelajar Malaysia Madinah (PPM).This was a reciprocal visit after GPTD Mecca visited them last April in Madinah al-Munawwarah.Among the agenda were Intro to ABIM and GPTD, discussion on follow-up of GPTD Mecca project and dialogue on current issues.Also present GPTD Coordinator;Bro.Jufitri Joha, PPM President;Bro.Hisyam Mohd Radzi and PKPIM Deputy President;Bro.Sharul Rizan Noranizan.

GPTD Seminar 2005

August 5, 2005-Anjung Rahmat-GPTD succesfully organized a Seminar on Experience of GPTD Activist in Cambodia, Turkey, Pattani and Tasmania. They had shared the experience that they gained from the mission. Brother Noryzal also presented his fresh and excited experience during his field work in Christmas Island and Tasmania. One time whem he felt so lonely and exhausted while serving the community, he tried to open Al-Quran and co-incidently by the wish of Allah he opened twice and he found that there were surah at-Talaq:2-3 and Surah Hud:15. This was amazing! These two "ayat" gave him superb spirit enable him to uphold dakwah work in Tasmania.

Media representative from the Magazine Dewan Agama dan Falsafah was also present to cover the news.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Visit by A Student of Moscow University

Last Tuesday, August 2, 2005, our secretariat received one guest viz Brother Wan Faizal Bin Wan Rahimi Shah, Malaysia student from Moscow University. He is now spending his holidays with family until end of August before continue his study for a new semester in Medicine Faculty. He had took a short tour and visit to our office and been accompanied by Bro Azwiralbukhairi-PKPIM Secretary General.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bengkel "Mencari Dana"

GPTD baru sahaja selesai mengadakan "Bengkel Mencari Dana" bersama Naib Pengerusi Global Peace Mission(GPM) iaitu Puan Sharifah Aminah Al-Khared atau lebih mesra dengan panggilan Ummie.Bengkel anjuran GPTD Perancis-Maghribi dan turut dihadiri oleh saudara Penyelaras GPTD, GPTD China, GPTD Laos, GPTD Kemboja dan AJK Program Kembara IPT Ibn Batuttah.

Antara isi-isi menarik perbincangan adalah cara-cara mencari dana yang berkesan untuk GPTD seperti berniaga,cuci kereta, jual pakaian terpakai, Hi Tea, trip amal ke Aceh atau Maninjau, konsert dan lain-lain.GPTD bersetuju untuk menganjurkan dua program utama bagi mencari dana berskala besar iaitu InsyaAllah Hi Tea dan Konsert Amal.