Saturday, July 21, 2007

What is GPTD?

GPTD is the Malay acronym of Grup Pengkaji Tamadun Dunia (World Civilization Research Group) formed under Global Peace Mission to train young volunteers mainly students from higher education institutions, as social and relief workers as well as researchers of world civilizations.

GPTD was founded by Tuan Haji Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman in 2001. The idea of its establishment was purposely to offer an alternative for young generations to explore the world besides overcome social problems.

Its logo was meant to be designed from the word 'rahmat' which is in Arabic that means blessing. With the spirit of spreading the blessing towards all mankind, our volunteers shall travel all over the world.

With love and care, we treat people especially those who are in need of help. We come and serve for them in order to provide them better lives.

In preparation for the field work, these young volunteers will be equipped with basic volunteer skills and trainings. From these trainings, only those qualified are eligible to enter the main projects.

GPTD has 5 main projects namely Spain-Latin America, France-Africa, China, Cocos Island and Turkey-Central Asia.

In 2010, GPTD starts on focusing its projects to 9 subgroups based on various scholars namely:
  • Al-Fateh Group
  • Cheng Ho Group
  • Ibnu Khaldun Group
  • Ibnu Battutah Group
  • Wali Songo Group
  • Tariq Ziyad Group (GIBRALTAR Group)
  • Jil Salahuddin al-Ayyubi Group (Jil Saladin Group)
  • HAMKA Group
  • Jejak Melayu Group
In fact its name has changed to Grup Penjejak Tamadun Dunia from its former name due to some reasons since 2008. One of them is to highlight the adventurous value in our volunteers' travels.

Due to the enforcement of Societies Act of Youth and Youth Development in 2007 [Act 668] , GPTD has iniatiated a step further to register itself under the Act for the purpose of having the rights for legal movement under the privilleges and protections of law.

Once again, GPTD name has changed. GPTD then was named after Kelab Generasi Pemuda Tamadun Dunia with the registration no PPBM 6353/10 that came into effect on 23rd May 2010.

This acknowledgment of registration as stated in the certificate below is very helpful for GPTD volunteers to move forward proactively.