Friday, November 18, 2005

Malay Language Camp in Krabi, Thailand

November 12, 2005 - Krabi, Thailand - A meeting between Koperasi Belia Islam Berhad (KBI), World Civilization Research Group (GPTD) and Islamic Cooperative Network of Thailand was held on Tuesday, 12 November 2005. Three delegates from Malaysia i.e. Encik Wan Abdul Rahman (KBI), Shakir Fahmi (GPTD) and Lokman (GPM) went to Krabi province in western part of Thailand to discuss about the preparation Malay Language Camp that will be held in this coming Christmas eve. This program will be facilitated by members of GPTD and Ikrak (Ikatan Kreatif anak-anak ABIM PKPIM).

Picture: Bro. Shakir Fahmi (right) and Bro. Wan Abdul Rahman (left) were standing in front of Ihya Turath Islami School in Krabi, Thailand.