Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Eid Celebration

GPTD would like to say Happy Eid Celebration and Selamat Hari Raya especially to all GPTD members, Bro. Noryzal in Tasmania, Bro. Khairul Nizam in Makkah, Our friends in Bangladesh, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Russia, UK, Cambodia and whereever you are.

GPTD would like to urge to all GPTD members to work hard especially after coming back from Eid to serve the world community and to introduce islam to the entire of the world. Please get prepare GPTD mission to Laos, Sri Lanka, Pakistan-Kashmir, Thailand, Spain and UK after Eid.

And not forgotten, our two activists in Tasmania and Makkah namely Bro. Noryzal Zainal Abidin and Bro. Khairul Nizam Zainan Nazri, wish you "Kullu a'min wa antum bikhair". Bro. Noryzal is GPTD activist in Tasmania, Australia serving the local citizens as an Imam of Hobart New Mosque. See picture: Bro. Noryzal in Sydney during attending AFIC Conference. Meanwhile, Bro Khairul Nizam currently in Makkah assisting GPTD ABIM Project, Malays in Baitullah, Makkah. He is scheduled to celebrate Eid in Mekkah and after Eid he will continue another program in Jeddah with the Malays Saudis students who graduated in Malaysia in a small "graduation day ceremony".