Friday, November 11, 2005

Jejak Warisan Team 2003 Eid Gathering

November 6, 2005 - Seremban, Negeri Sembilan - Jejak Warisan Team 2003 (JW03) to Christmas Island (CI) had successfully organized an Eid Gathering. Among those present in that particular gathering were ex-JW03 members, Bro. Kamarul Ariffin and his wife Nurul, Nina, Huda, Azla, Chip, Hurrey. Bro. Jufitri as the GPTD Chairman and ex JW03 member also present to facilitate the discussion of follow-up program for JW03.

Among the output of the discussion are to set-up JW03 Alumni office in Taman Paroi Jaya, Seremban. Besides that, to conduct a visit to CI people who are come back to Malaysia especially Malacca anually to maintain relationship. There are MAS direct flight from CI to KL in every December in conjuction with the school holidays in CI. Most of the CI citizens are originally come from Malacca. They travelled to CI since 2 or 3 decades ago to search for "Rizqi". Furthermore, JW03 agreed upon to send next mission to CI under the patronage of Bro. Kamarul as the exJW03 Leader and to keep in touch with the news of Bro. Noryzal in Tasmania as an ex JW03.

After having discussion, JW03 continue their Raya Convoi to Nina and Huda's house. You can reach JW03 at