Monday, October 03, 2005

Report on JUST’s 4th Young Leadership Programme.

September 23-25, 2005 - Genting Highlands - JUST’s 4th Young Leadership Programme was held from 22-25 September 2005 in Genting Permai Park and Resort, Genting Highland. It was attended by 28 participants from various NGOs. It was under the theme “Youth: Empowerment for Change.”

On the first day, there was have an introductory remark by one of the speaker of JUST and on that night they have the first session with the title Global Trends: Challenges and Opportunities. During this session, the speaker, Mr. Augustine Loorthusamy shedlight some of the things people seems to loose sight regarding the imbalance between the developed and underdeveloped world, how people now are living with all the negative influences brought about by media and more? please open

Reported by:Mohd Shakir Fahmi (GPTD Phuket Leader)
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