Tuesday, October 25, 2005

60th Anniversary of the United Nations' birth

October 24, National Arts Gallery, Kuala Lumpur - Dozens of international leaders and civilians of all over the globe celebrated the 60th anniversary of the United Nations' birth, but warned that the organization must institute significant reforms to remain an effective global peacekeeper. Brother Azril Mohd Amin (ABIM Vice President) and Brother Jufitri Joha (GPTD Chairman) attended Celebration of United Nations 60th anniversary which was held at National Arts Gallery. Among the VIPs attended this happening ceremony were DYTM Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah (Crown Prince of Perak), YM Tengku Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ahmad Rithaudeen (President of The United Nations Association of Malaysia), Deputy Minister of Foreign Affair and Dr. Richard Leete (United Nations Resident Coordinator for Malaysia)