Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wali Songo Talk

Sept 11, 2005 - Anjung Rahmat, Kuala Lumpur - Dr. Anis Malik Toha presented the history of Wali Songo (The Nine Saints of Java) and their methods of da'wah. Dr. Anis who is now lecturing at International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) did his bachelor short thesis entitled "Islamic Government of Demak, Its Effect in Spreading Islam in Java". He presented Wali Songo based on his thesis whereby Wali Songo were playing important da'wah and politic roles during the ruling Islamic Government of Demak. One important point is Sunan Kali Jaga used a very attractive and effective method in inviting people to Islam by preserved and utilized the local traditional art namely "Wayang Kulit". So, Wayang Kulit become the entry point for local people to embrace Islam voluntarily. This program organized by GPTD & Student Association (PKPIM) and Islamic Student Association of Southeast Asia (PEPIAT) became as the co-organizer. Also present were GPTD coordinator, Jufitri Joha and PEPIAT Sec. Gen., Suhail Ahmad.