Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Visit to Al-Ansar TV Channel

Sept 1, 2005 - , Plaza Imbi, Kuala Lumpur - GPTD visited Al-Ansar TV Channel in Plaza Imbi Kuala Lumpur. Al-Ansar TV is a channel under MITV. MITV a new private TV station like ASTRO will be launched on September 5, 2005 by our Prime Minister, Pak Lah. Meanwhile Al-Ansar TV is the first Muslim channel in Malaysia, Ansar delivers healthy fusion entertainment and edutainment based programs for the urban Muslim youths and adults. Ansar features local and international musicals, documentaries, short films, animations, dramas magazine shows and more.

During our discussion with Mr.Nazir Idris, the Director of Programming & Production, they agreed to give us opportunity and space to show ABIM, GPTD and other Muslim NGOs social service activities to the MITV customers and audiences. The most important, is to potray Islamic social service and how kind the muslims are to the mankind.

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