Wednesday, September 07, 2005

JW03 Reunion Meeting

Sept 1, 2005 - GPTD Office, Kuala Lumpur - Jejak Warisan Team 2003 (JW03) to Christmas Island had agreed upon certain matters during their recent reunion meeting. Among them are, 1.) To send a new GPTD delegation to Christmas Island, Australia, 2.) To keep in touch with the folks there especially the important contact such Ust Ghaffar (the Imam) etc, 3.) To send Hari Raya greeting card during this coming Ramadhan, 4.) To organize gathering for JW03 during Hari Raya and Noryzal (GPTD activist in Tasmania) Wedding Ceremony on Disember. Those who present in the meeting were Bro.Azwiralbukhairi, Bro.Noryzal, Bro.Jufitri and Sis. Huraizah.