Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pak Cik Jamalon Struggles For Malays In Sri Lanka

Sept 14, 2005 - GPM Office, Kuala Lumpur - Pak Cik Jamalon, GPTD adopt father in Sri Lanka came to Malaysia and took opportunity to visit our GPTD Sri Lanka activists. He spent his time in Malaysia to seek financial assistant and other aid to strengthen Malays activities in Sri Lanka. Although his age reached 60 something, but he still looking energetic immensely to struggle for the betterment of Malays in Sri Lanka. There is approximately 60 000 Malays people living in Sri Lanka nowadays. InsyaAllah this year GPTD will send second delegation to Sri Lanka in order to help them by providing skills such as sewing, cooking, Malay language class and other. This is GPTD new and effective ways of Dakwah in inviting people come back to Islam.(See picture above:Pak Cik Jamalon (3 from left) while in Sri Lanka during GPTD Malay Language Camp,GPTD Coordinator (Most right)). Pak Cik Jamalon always shows his concern towards the survival of Malays. What will happen to Malays in Sri Lanka for the coming 10 years if no action been taken to solve various problems and situations that they are facing nowadays.