Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Visit From Mecca Malays Community

Sept 13, 2005 - Anjung Rahmat,- GPTD and ABIM received a visit from Pak Lah (See picture: Pak Lah in the middle) and his Family, Malays folk from Mecca. Welcoming remark had been given by ABIM President, Bro. Yusri Mohamad and GPTD Coordinator, Bro. Jufitri Joha. During GPTD research on last April 2005, Pak Lah hosted and offered to us his house for our accomodation. Pak Lah and his family helped us a lot in order to make our research in Mecca succes. Now GPTD Mecca plans its next research on Hajj InsyaAllah this coming Hajj month.