Sunday, July 09, 2006

News From Yogyakarta

July 7, 2006 - Yogyakarta, Indonesia - "The gap between my age and Pak Joko does not stop us becoming like a friend. He is my closest friend until last Saturday.But now he has been changed with another guy. He drove me to anywhere that I want to go. From Pasar Maleng (Maleng in Jawa means stealing but it doesn't happen here, at least not yet) like a night market in Malaysia up to the Merapi Volcanic Mountain; he had shown me the other side of Jogja. The normal scenery in Bantul and Klaten area of Jogja are broken houses and buildings. Yet there are a lot of things that we can derive lessons from the Javanese. The hardworking and helpful Java people give my life a lot of ease. Having a task at hand to complete the Semi Permanent House for those who had lost their houses, I have found the missing germ of myself, and maybe also my fellow friend in GPM and GPTD, that is the bond of solidarity among mankind, and most important, among us. So think about it. And lets do something for the benefit of our very ownself by making others feel safe out of our existance".

Mohd Shakir Fahmi Fakhrulrazi(GPTD Exco Member)
22:39 waktu Yogyakarta
July 7, 2006