Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ukhuwwah Visit to Malacca

Malacca - Disember, 2005 - Bro. Kamarul Arifin, the leader of Jejak Warisan Team 2003 Christmas Island and Layar Samudera Cocos Island led an Ukhuwwah Visit to Malacca to visit Christmas Island (CI) Malays family during their vacation in Malaysia. Majority of Malays who are residing in CI originated from Malacca and they migrated from Malacca to CI since years ago to seek for job especially in fosfat mining. Every year during school holiday they oftenly go back to Malaysia to visit parents, relatives and families to strengthen relationship and spend time for shopping and vacation to nearby countries.

Christmas Island is a dot in the Indian Ocean, located 2600km north-west of Perth, Western Australia. Even though it is an Australian Territory, its closest neighbour is Java, 360km away.