Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Greetings From Sweden

Sweden - January 22, 2006 - "Dear friends! Its been quite a while since we came back home to Stockholm and still feel the warmth of our trip. The learning of our adventure in Andalusia and Morocco has been overwhelming and has taught us quite much about ourselves and our ability to cope with the unexpected. This does not mean that we just forgot about you guys,on the contrary, we have been talking about you and writing this mail for quite some time, wondering how you guys
are doing and what results came out of your study.

I even made a joke and told Magda, I wonder if our picture end up in some newspaper. Its been very cold here since we came back and tonight is extraordinary cold, namely - 12 degrees, Brrrrrr! I still have not had the opportunity to find out the requested info about Muslim’s life here (Sweden) for you but a promise is a promise and I do my best in convenient time.
Our best regards to all of you, may God watch over all of us"

Your friends

* Excerpted from Jufitri and Wira s' email. GPTD Spain & Latin America met this couple during visit to Great Mosque of Cordoba. Saeed originated from Iran married Magda who is reverted to Islam.