Sunday, January 22, 2006

GPTD Syria

Damansara - January 20, 2006 - GPTD officially formed a new group named as GPTD Syria. The first meeting was held in Mr. Rumaizuddin Ghazali (ABIM Deputy President) house in Damansara who will become GPTD Syria advisor. GPTD will explore the Syria civilization. Often called the Cradle of Civilization and the Gateway to History, Syria has a lot to offer history and the development of civilized man. On the other hand Syria's natural boundaries did nothing for the security of the land… its strategic location also made it vulnerable and many conquerors and attackers were able to conquer Syria. It has been a great crossroad for trade between the Mediterranean and the East; it exported the Alphabet to the West, and has been linked to Religion from the beginning, from the Semitic Deities to the monotheistic faiths. GPTD Chairman and GPTD Turkey-Central Asia Leader also joined the discussion.

Picture: GPTD Syria first meeting in Mr.Rumaizuddin Ghazali's house.