Thursday, January 27, 2005

Moving to a new office

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GPTD is going to move to a new office situated in the same Anjung Rahmat Complex. It's going to be placed at the first floor near Seminar Rooms in Anjung Rahmat. The office will be operated in the early month of February 2005. It would be more convenient and bigger place for the volunteers to have meetings as well as any discussion with regard to their movements.

For that result, GPTD is now inviting ALL VOLUNTEERS to lend their hands in order to help us in technical work by moving out all items concerned from our present office to the new office. The matters should be referred as follows:

29th January 2005


Anjung Rahmat

Proper attire (e.g. : sport attire)

Some items have been moved to the new office last Tuesday by some of our volunteers. GPTD highly appreciated those volunteers for their commitment. The more commitment given, the better volunteer we have..


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