Tuesday, January 18, 2005

GPTD Mainboard Induction 2005

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An induction was held for two days from 15th January 2005 to 16th January 2005 at Taman Cempaka Height, Melaka. The induction was purposedly held to discuss among the mainboard and group leaders about GPTD planning for the whole year. It includes programmes to be held, management and administration, and membership matters.

This event was officiated by GPTD Patron, En. Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman who was accompanied by Secretary General of PKPIM, Mr. Azwiral Bukhairi Abd Aziz. The opening remark by GPTD Patron was highly appreciated as it explained further the concept of our mevement. He also emphasized on the importance of spreading rahmat lil 'alamin. The bondage between ABIM-PKPIM-GPTD should be understood as in the identical line.

Other agendas in the induction were muhasabah session, discussion on mission of GPTD for 2005, brainstorming of programmes to be held for that year and closing ceremony.

PKPIM President, Mr. Mohd Raimi Ab Rahim has attended the induction for closing ceremony. He stressed on the importance of having a muslim-student-worldwide-association as to compete with other religious body such as Asian Pasific Catholic Student Movement. "We are now far behind those societies who take the lead to spread their beliefs to the people of the earth,"said Mr. President.

The induction was then ended by fulfilling an invitation to a wedding ceremony of Christmas Island citizens in Kampung Pulai, Melaka.