Thursday, August 25, 2005

Monggol and China

Grup Titian Sutera or GPTD's mission group to China had a meeting last 2 weeks which came to a decision to explore another place instead of China only. The idea was sparked by one senior humanitarian of Global Peace Mission who offered to lend his hand in connecting some Monggolians with us. The Monggolians could help us in finding strategic path to a strategic place for our exploration and research.

One would point out a question of what is the relationship between those states? There was a relationship between them in the history of Genghis Khan and those Chinese at that time. It is worthwhile to study The Empire of Monggol because they had won many battles in conquering areas which historically shown that they were very tough and loyal to their tribe.

What makes them be like that? How could they won many battles even its of a lesser quantity? Did they succeed in invading China? Did they have an influence in Chinese Civilisation? All these should be answered by Grup Titian Sutera. Let us give them time and opportunity to explore more before explaining them to us.


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