Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dr.Said Ramadhan Al-Bouti Visits Malaysia

August 15,2005- Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur- "Islam must be properly organized (tanzim)", said Dr.Said Ramadhan Al-Bouti,a great scholar and Ulama from Syria. He is the author of the famous kitab "Fiqh Sirah" that is widely used as a main reference in university.He further said that, in spite of he did not join any "Jamaah" (Islamic Movement) in Syria but he did not forbid anyone to join Jamaah as long as that particular Jamaah do not practise "assobiyyah" and moves in the basis of ta'awun (cooperation) with other Jamaah.Also present to hear some advice and ideas from wise Sheikh like him were Bro. Jufitri Joha (GPTD Coordinator) and Bro. Hilmi Ramli (Head of GPTD Morocco-France).

Dr.Said Ramadhan Al-Bouti web site: www.bouti.com