Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Summit of Asian Religious Leaders

Kuala Lumpur - 16 Jun 2009 / 22 Jamadilakhir 1430 H - GPTD has been invited to The Summit of Asian Religious Leaders on Disarmament for Shared Security in Kathmandu, Nepal on July 10-11, 2009. InsyaAllah GPTD will send volunteers to attend the summit. The invitation is as follow :

"Religions for Peace (WCRP) is pleased to invite you to The Summit of Asian Religious Leaders on Disarmament for Shared Security to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal on 10-11 July 2009. The Summit will explore the important role of religious leaders in advancing shared security through disarmament.

Religions for Peace has worked throughout its forty-year history toward limiting and eventually eliminating nuclear weapons. At this time of uncertain global dynamics, it is important for Religions for Peace to respond to the escalating threats of nuclear proliferation, particularly in Asia, as well as the continuing increases in conventional weapons, including cluster munitions.

You are invited to join with other senior religious leaders, women of faith and youth representatives to deliberate on the current challenges related to nuclear and conventional weapons in the region, and develop a strategy for multi-religious advocacy and action that will advance disarmament and shared security in Asia. The action plan to be adopted will include high-level multi-religious advocacy at all levels and grassroots mobilization of religious communities, including youth and women of different faith traditions in Asia.

We warmly welcome you to Kathmandu on 10-11 July 2009".


Dr. William Vendley
Secretary General

* WCRP can be reached at http://www.wcrp.org